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Within the education program, your abilities organization have been implemented a group of development projects during the period 2015 to 2019. The projects aim to support school children from boys and girls from marginalized groups and those with special needs and contribute to raising the rate of educated children in and the projects were implemented are the school’s bags and uniforms project as well as the school book project there were 500 students who benefited from the projects and activities of the program in the Capital city.

Program Goal

Supporting children from boys and girls from marginalized and most vulnerable groups, children with special needs, and contributing to raising the enrollment rate of children in education. Improving equitable access to safe and inclusive learning spaces.

The most important organization of YA in the program 1 مشروع

School bag and uniform project
School bag and uniform project

Your abilities organization for development has implemented the project during the period Haimah in Zaid bin Ali School in the

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