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International Youth Day

The organization actively participated in the International Youth Day held in the House of Culture on Saturday, 8/13/2016 . Our participation was an introduction to the organization and its work. The organization has proven its participation and presence well. Our participation It is a display box with a heritage momentum introducing the organization, its goals and the projects it has implemented. Our organization was distinguished by the uniform that carries the logo of the organization and identification cards for all the participating team. Distinctive and modest brochures were distributed on the organization, as well as discount cards for a course in medical evacuation during disasters scheduled to be implemented after Eid Al-Adha

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EUR ACCOUNT DETAILS FOR INCOMING TRANSFERS Correspondent Bank BANK OF BEIRUT S.A.L CYPRUS BRANCH LIMASSOL (LEMESOS) SWIFTCode :BABECY2NXXX IBAN: CY04 1030 0090 0004 0160 9006 4900 Beneficiary Bank INTERNATIONAL BANK OF YEMEN Y.S.C. SANAA YE SWIFT Code: lBOYYESA FOR FURTHER CREDIT TO Beneficiary Name: YOUR ABILITY ORG Beneficiary Account Number Euro € : 0008-527188-009. Beneficiary Account Number Dollar $ : 0008-527188-002. Beneficiary Account Number Yemeni Riyal : 0008-527188-001.