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Implementing a programming and maintenance program for phones

Within its policies and programs aimed at serving the community, developing and operating unemployed hand. moving and activating the principle of partnership between civil society organizations and the private sector. The Rowad Foundation for Entrepreneurship, in partnership with your abilities Organization in Sanaa, implemented the "Programming and maintenance of phones" program For (33 young men and women), as part of the project (STEPS), funded by the European Union. Today, the first lectures of the program, which aims to provide the trainees with the skills of maintenance and programming of smart phones of all kinds, in accordance with the enormous development and innovation in this highly advanced electronic field, were launched today. Participants in this program will receive theoretical and practical lessons at 4 hours a day for 39 days. The instructors a in this program: Riman Sadiq Ali Abdul-Malik on the programming side. Akram Abdul Jalil Muhammad Saeed Al-Sabbry on the maintanance side

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