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The humanitarian catastrophe in Yemen is one of the worst in the world, where many people have become without food and shelter and children are dying due to hunger, which made the humanitarian situation a great catastrophe, and families in cities and rural areas do not have food for one day as Yemen needs a tragedy of development and support. Your abilities Organization is to extend a helping hand to the Yemeni community is remarkable, and one of its priorities was to fight poverty and ignorance. To the etc.., our supporters have supported education field, and this was in the rural areas of the governorates of Yemen, including capital city Sanaa . A great success was observed in the importance of education and implantation from the beginning, especially among children who were in the gutters from the housing of the poor neighborhoods, and we will repeat this success in Other regions in Yemen in the coming years. A number of young people were qualified in training courses in the areas of project planning, development and project management, as well as computer courses that organized by our organization . Your Abilities active in the field of orphans and widows. our supporters gave attractive support to orphan centers in Sanaa Governorate and the capital city Sanaa , and that was through training courses and the purchase of clothes and financial aid. A great deal in the life of orphans through their participation in the development of society and building an educational future for them. Relief and humanitarian response have had a great resonance in the countryside of the governorates of Yemen by providing food baskets in Hajjah, Amran, Dhamar, Al Mahwit and Hodeidah, as well as Sanaa and Rima and the capital city Sanaa. The main focus has been on the poor and the displaced, in order to alleviate the suffering they are experiencing. Thousands of food baskets have been distributed over the past Three years to the poor and the displaced in particular. The Iftar projects for the fasting person and the Eid clothing and the Eid sacrifice took place in the organization of your abilities. In each year, the organization distributes a number of families from the clothes and made the feast of the sacrifice and this is the contribution and participation of the needy. Therapeutic assistance was and still is a key element in providing assistance to patients. Cancer and the dialysis center in Hodeidah had the largest share of support. Also on the qualification side, training courses were held in the field of first aid and medical evacuation for a large number of youth sector by qualified and specialized cadres. As for psychological support for children, it was of an important nature in your abilities organization, it provided psychological support for children with cancer at the National Cancer Center within three months, and that was done by specialists and games, gifts and stories were purchased for these children and concluded with great effectiveness that affected them, as was the children affected From the war, which greatly affected them psychologically through their education and financial support, all of this was by a qualified and competent cadre. Attention to the displaced was a cornerstone of the organization, as we paid unparalleled attention to those displaced by the war by providing relief, food and treatment assistance as well as education and rehabilitation.

About us

Your abilities Organization for Development is a humanitarian non-profit organization established with an official permit in 2015 . It works for poor and displaced citizens in cities, rural areas and beyond reach areas, It has done many projects and activities. In spite of the current situation in Yemen It has helped in many projects and activities, as it’s focus and priority is and will continue to eradicate poverty and illiteracy. And for that, Your Abilities Organization has worked to raise awareness and provide services to thousands of needy families in cities, IDP camps and rural villages, such as food, education, protection, emergency response, water and health. The organization also worked to provide many opportunities for families who do not find their daily strength through small projects as a daily income to meet their basic needs, and to provide job opportunities for young people through intensive training courses. The organization also helps taking care of orphans and widows ..

Our vision
Our vision

To be at the forefront of Yemeni organizations in providing relief and development services and emergency response.

Our message
Our message

The organization seeks to provide development relief services, which helping Yemeni people in cities and rural areas to alleviate their suffering and develop their capabilities which matching the place they live in.

Our values

(Activity neutrality - credibility in dealing - objectivity in offering - transparency in performance - partnership).

Our Target

Promote the principles of citizenship and peaceful coexistence, and reject all forms of discrimination. Contribute to providing humanitarian, social, psychological and development aid and assistance to categories and families in need and affected by disasters and wars. Contribute to the care and assistance of poor and non-income families, according to the available capabilities. Attention to helping orphans socially, educationally and developmentally, especially children from them. Raise the capabilities of youth, develop their skills and qualify them for the job market. Attention to the rights of women and children in the human, social, health and educational aspects. Contribute to providing services and projects for the early recovery of community members in light of crises, disasters and wars.

Geographical distribution of projects and activities across the governorates of Yemen

Geographical distribution of projects and activities across the governorates of Yemen

Board of Directors

Chairman of Board of Directors

Ismaeel Mohammed Abdullah
Ismaeel Mohammed Abdullah

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